Our Mission

Ensure, in a safe and reliable manner, the transportation of people as well as the carriage and handling of goods and merchandise of all kinds by sea or by land and through the operation of heavy machinery, providing also all the related services necessary to do so.

Our Vision

Be Canada’s leader in respect of maritime transportation and operation of heavy machinery, with a growing international presence.

Our Commitment

Be a trusted business partner committed to integrity, as reflected in the quality of our services and operations.

Our Leadership

Efficiently, safely, and reliably manage and conduct all our maritime and land activities while attending to every detail.

Our Motto

“Always be proud of what we do to always be proud of who we are”


Respect for people, occupational health and safety, the environment, and sustainability

These values are absolute. They admit no compromise and are supported by strict policies, practices, and behavior.

Respect for clients

Customer service is at the core or our mission. Customer satisfaction in the short, medium, and long term is the cornerstone of our sustainability and growth.


Aim for excellence in all things from beginning to end.

Make quality, meticulousness, and professionalism our priorities, always mindful of the fact that the difference is in the details and the details determine the winner.

Integrity and honesty

Always act with integrity, honesty, probity, and fairness in dealing with customers, colleagues, shareholders, and other stakeholders.

Be completely transparent, truthful and accurate in all our actions and communications.

Be true to the facts by exercising objectivity and intellectual honesty, going beyond opinions and prejudice.


A state of being, an innate desire to succeed : always surpassing oneself, refusing to get bogged down in a routine and embracing change, constantly questioning oneself and seeking innovation, and finally, striving for perfection.

Team Spirit

At Desgagnés, team spirit in every sphere of activity characterizes our organization of work, reflecting the solidarity that a ship’s crew requires to reach safe harbor.

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